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  1. Hello MelindaThat was interesting. Problem is there are at least a thousand similar “revelation” about the world, “creation”, “chosen People” all over the world. What is not explained is why “god” should be interested only in a strip of territory between the Jordan and the Sinai among the vastness of the universe?Support this comment 0

  2. RS Aš manau, kad merginos/moterys yra didžiausias mūsų turtas (vyrų), todėl joms reikia išvis vasarą uždrausti nešioti rūbus, dėl jų pačių sveikatos :D

  3. Open question about energy?If we can not build Nuke plants for electric, enviromentalists do not like coal or natural gas, How are we supposed to generate electric???Aside from wind (it is not sustainable) Solar (very expensive)What is the answer???

  4. Somewhat new, I think – or at least, under new management or ownership. Their big private room is very nice – understated and very comfortable. J-Lab was the one who suggested that venue, and I’m so glad he did.Given the price, quality and serving sizes, it’s a hell of a good deal.N

  5. I agree that the two justice systems are far different, but the point I and likely the OP were trying to make is that our system is still incredibly unjust. It is self-evident that the NK concentration camps are an abomination, but not quite as many people realize just how [expletive] up the USA system is. As I mentioned, we are locking up people in this country that aren’t crimes in other countries. I think we’re better off examining the problems in our own system than going half way around the world to find someone to fault. I also disagree with your assertion that we have the power to intervene.

  6. Hi Wandering Genie! I think we can all agree it takes awhile to ease into a new culture; there are really only a handful of things that I truly miss about living in the US. I’m actually working on a list of things I wish someone had told me before I moved to the UK. I’m headed over to your blog now. Thanks for the visit!

  7. Yes I do like the Kindle, I have read quite a number of books on it now. There are kindle apps available also, so if I read on a Blackberry for example it syncs to the furthest page read and when you go back to the kindle you can carry on where you left off.

  8. Happy (belated) Birthday! I hope you had a great birthday! When it comes to birthdays, I think I felt different after turning 21 because it was like there wasn’t much to look forward to after that. I mean, 16 for driving, 18 to be an adult, 21 to drink, and then what’s after that? So, it was soon after that I started not caring about age and lost track of it, haha. Sometimes I have to calculate it out when someone asks me XD;;I saw Dark Knight Rises too! I enjoyed it, but I think I liked the first 2 movies better.

  9. My wife's comment on the picture of Caleb with the 4 "ammo waitresses" was that they looked like church youth camp counselors. I had to concur. From what I see in that pictures, those women are dressed about the same way my wife, my mother, my aunts, or my sister would be. And they're pretty darn conservative.

  10. PeeJee : C’est entendu, cette correction ne sera effective que sur le web et non sur le papier ; quoi qu’il en soit, cela semble préférable, non ?Bien sûr et je ne me lasserai jamais de rappeler Qu’Olivier et moi, ainsi que Florence et Richard, nous sommes les correcteurs du Monde.fr, non du Monde/papier.Martine

  11. Yo he visto muchas universidades que no disponían de los servicios como ascensores, etc… Los que facilitan a los discapacitados moverse fácilmente, por eso en la mayoría de casos no van a estudiar a la universidad. Pero me alegro que en nuestra universidad puedan estudiar, aprender lo que les gusta aprender y acercarse a su sueño

  12. Lucyano Valdez / Pílula da Maconha impedia a Ereção????? ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Sinceramente, não entendo… Se assim for como podem os maconheiros nhánhá????? E fazerem filhos???Gostei deste comentário ou não: 0

  13. According to the “liberal” media, obumba was the winner. Every one of his sheeple I ask if their life is better than it was 4 years ago, and I get a jumble of answers…mostly blaming Mr. Bush. If he gets re-elected, GOD help us, I’m wondering who he is going to blame for the last 4 years. I feel sory for the folks losing their homes. You works hard all your life and have everything jerked away isn’t fair. I sincerely hope people come to their right mind and vote out the Curious George look-a-like.

  14. Dr. LaGasse, you have always been an inspiration and someone I look up to professionally, but you’re positive attitude and resilience to such a tragedy are just as inspirational, if not more so. You are an amazing person, and thank God you and your family are healthy. I will continue to pray that blessings are sent your way.

  15. 2010å¹´1月19日下午10:32 匿名:可以好坦白地說,我當時不在場,我沒有去示威,因為我有另一種工作,就是觀察和分析,收集活動前、活動進行中、及事後的資料和論述,從而作出分析和計算,我是屬於「後勤」的人,我亦不屬於任何團體,只是籍著我對傳媒和新聞的認識,作出(期望)較一般網民甚至主流傳媒深入的評估。我覺得有點奇怪,到目前為止,見到許多批評警方的言論,但沒有留意「有個別警員可能已情緒失控」而向示威者噴胡椒霧的問題,同樣地,也不見有人會談「記者瘋狂但又盲目地採訪」,但既然由開始影相影到完場,又跟足全場,點解事後報道出來的所謂「新聞」,完全不能描述當時的事實真象?這就是奇怪之處,而我所理解的香港人,又喜歡捉一兩個「point」然後集中討論或爭拗,但又不會對整件事、整個流程作出有系統的整合,結果變成好多人知道有示威,但又誤解了事件的來龍去脈,你話怪不怪?如果你有記錄了當時記者的異常採訪經過,請提供多點資料,包括照片、文字等,我可代為重新整合。多謝。

  16. La empresa no puede obligarle a reincorporarse en su jornada ordinaria, ya que la reducción de jornada por paternidad es un derecho del trabajador. Por amble que sea la invitación, depende absolutamente de su voluntad.El de reducción de jornada es también un derecho que protege a quien lo ejerce contra el despido… puede que la emrpesa lo quiera en jornada completa para no correr el riesgo de despedirlo y que el despido sea declarado nulo.

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  18. Well, I loved the run by Sahaku. She kept chugging away and gave it her all the last lap and the crowd responded with huge applause. She got more applause than the winner. The crowd loved her, and rightly so. They should invite her to the Berlin Marathon and she should accept. She is the most popular female athlete in Berlin.

  19. S vámi je to opravdu těžké. Mé názory považujete z neznalosti vÄ›ci za ultra-liberální, ale když vám pÅ™edložím odkazy, které mé názory dokládají, tak vás nezajímají.Nemusíte brát ničí názor jako absolutní pravdu. Možná by ale nebylo od vÄ›ci se s tím cizím názorem alepoň obšírnÄ›ji seznámit, abyste jej dokázal vyvrátit. Pokud ale o to nestojíte a jste bytostnÄ› pÅ™esvÄ›dčen o své neomylné pradÄ›, je to vaÅ¡e volba…

  20. Alguns pensadores da Administração a consideram uma boa opção à tradicional e já estabelecida departamentalização.Segundo Chiavenato, em seu livro “Teoria Geral da Administração, a Adhocracia significa uma

  21. Musik ist eine Begabung genauso wie das Taktgefühl !Wenn deine Tochter + Punkte bei den Lehrer hat dann ist das unbezahlbar. Ich kann dich verstehen Mr. Jones ist auch unmusikalisch!!!! Wenn er dann mal S I N G T oh, oh grausig.Bist ja wirklich TapferL.G.Mrs. Jones

  22. Cool video, thanks for sharing, Kevin. Guys like that always blow my mind. It’s easy for people to get caught up with THEIR own goals and brush aside anything that doesn’t mirror what they’re trying to do, but it’s important to remember that what you’re doing isn’t what everyone lives to do. Ronnie Coleman may be a freak, but Lance Armstrong is just as much of a freak.This guy epitomizes hardcore. Does he do any grip training? Grip guys are NUTS.

  23. (Grocery) My 14 yr.old grandson was diagnosed with Celiac in July 2010. I have been searching for foods that he and his family can prepare easily. So I was lead to Amazon.com and started reading the reviews on some of the products. I ordered Annie’s mac & cheese and found on the box a lasagne receipe. I fixed it and my grandson and everyone in the family loved it. It was simple and easy to prepare. A great fast meal for any family.

  24. Ico, acho que a Brawn não vá mais brigar pela primeira fila! Eles acertaram muito na mão do carro, mas não tiveram força suficiente para evoluir no ritimo das rivais. Ferrari e McLaren definitivamente estão lá na frente? já que todos achavam que no calor as Brawns andariam na frente? Outra curiosidade foi o abandono do Vettel. Até onde você acha que vai ter briga na RBR pelo título? o Webber já tem alguma preferência da equipe pra brigar com o Button? abs!

  25. было бы интересно, Челябинск у него есть в планах посещения при перелёте через РФ, у меня есть знакомые в местном аэроклубе, где есть свой частный аэродром

  26. , they weren't looking out for us, they only wanted to keep the money coming in to their coffers. Since she was forced to work for basically nothing by the union, she quit. They didn't care a bit that one of their members was out of a job.

  27. Thanks for your posting. One other thing is that individual states in the United states of america have their very own laws in which affect homeowners, which makes it quite difficult for the our lawmakers to come up with the latest set of rules concerning foreclosures on house owners. The problem is that every state features own legal guidelines which may have impact in a damaging manner when it comes to foreclosure insurance policies.

  28. Artiklarna som Maciej Zaremba publicerade i DN heter ”Skönheten och odjuret, sÃ¥ drivs människan ut ur skogen.”Skogens maffia, sÃ¥ tog de makten över träden.”, MotorsÃ¥gsmassakerna, det finns motiv men lagen kräver kalhyggen” och ”Lagen är en rökridÃ¥.”.

  29. I looked at the Say No website. So very, very sad.Here are some of the voices, now stilled:It is like visiting a graveyard. And why the mad scramble by politicians to sign on? Because they wanted in on the huge lashings of money if they made it to the EU Parliament. No accountability.The biggest theft in Europe's history, and that's saying something.All without a shot being fired…cuz one of the first things they did, way back when it was just the ECC was to take away most of the guns…

  30. Hi Karl…As a gal refusing to be contained, I simply cannot sit near the window or (GASP!) in the midddle of a three-seat row, so when I heard on NPR this morning this exact piece of news you posted, I wondered if I was to resign myself to a flight of clausterphobic episodes, as I refuse to pay extra for ANYTHING (unless it’s really cute and it matches!)Nicole

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  32. Doidimais! Temos que marcar um jogo,Edy! E parabéns pela nova casa e pelo novo blog! Tá bem profissa, vou divulgar pra caray!Temos que organizar mais eventos aqui em Belzonte!

  33. i’m impressed, i have to admit. rarely do i encounter a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. the problem is an issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. now i’m very happy i stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

  34. Salut fiston,Ça ne me surprend pas concernant les noms, les Anglais sont tellement « plates ». Conventionnels et sans imagination. Mais j’ai hâte quand même de visiter leur pays. Ça fait tellement rêver; châteaux, musées, architecture….À demain.mom xxP.S. Peux-tu me dire s’il y a un numéro ou un nom au train que l’on doit prendre de Paris pour Versailles?

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  36. Ay Bronx,guter Tipp Aber ich mache da nicht auch noch eine Story draus, irgendwann muss ich ja auch mal arbeiten! Und schließlich ist das ja kein Gartenblog hier…Sandmann, heute mal in Hamburg mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs!

  37. - Hey there, Jade & I went shopping at All My Treasures earlier this week (Tuesday) for holiday gifts but I didn’t know which booth was yours… could you describe what kind of items/what part of the store it’s in? It would be funny if I bought something out of your booth!! Also, how about this snow??? It must have followed us from Chicago.Reply

  38. She is beyond gorgeous… what a lucky and extremely blessed lady you are!!! Love your blog so much… how have I been missing out on this the whole time!!?? xxx

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  41. You’re likely over it by now, but here are my morning sickness tips:- always have something in your tummy- eat BEFORE getting out of bed in the morning- smelling fresh-cut lemons and eating lemon-flavoured candy worked for me- heed your cravings and aversions- don’t eat too much at one timeCongratulations! My baby girl is almost three months now!

  42. re: duckman:”…The same is true for most other German camps, many of them started out as extensions of ordinary prisons…”It sounds like you're engaged in holocaust denial. The German camps were set up to kill Jews & other people deemed undesirable by the Nazis.Jonah Goldberg's book, points out that evil philosophies blamed on the right, are really leftwing weirdoness.

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  50. life?well damn.. sorry, maybe you use the wrong term, but pro life dumbheads were(its over thankfully) the ones creating obstacles for the one future cure there is. I.E. stem cell research.?They maybe all pro life, but that doesn’t change the status of Parkinsons, cancer and aids etc patients whose only hope is lost because idiotic church and some dead fetus lovers object.

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  53. Ha! I didn’t think you’d last out very long!!!I must look out for the film. We like Robin Williams, though we joke about how he’s always a ‘maverick’ something or other: DJ (Good Morning Vietnam); Teacher (Dead Poet’s Society); doctor (can’t remember the name of that one) etc. We always wondered which profession he’d be a ‘maverick’ in next… So… A ‘maverick’ homeschooler, eh? This we MUST see!Oh, your ice picture is lovely. I must get the camera out. See, your photography is an inspiration, even though I have to just ignore your chocolat-y stuff!

  54. They say they have talked about having biological children but have decided to adopt. Catherine and her husband are quite young but they have never mentioned to having any fertility problems. Might the decision to adopt be something of a choice rather than a medical problem? I think she and her husband would have beautiful biological children together.

  55. I get what you’re saying, Ryan. I do think the proposal in the link is meant to look at canopy over the land (or buildings), and not necessarily the land devoted to trees. I do agree with what you’re saying – I just think the impression of the post is that there is this dichotomy. But yeah, I agree – tree policies shouldn’t usurp wise land development. Even more so, I would be concerned that this type of policy would only raise the cost of housing. It would be wise for governments to focus on streets and parks, as far as building the tree canopy. There’s plenty of work to do there.

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  66. I realize we have no say as to who is returning to the house, and I’m pretty confident that Brenchel will be back, but I would LOVE to see Dr. Will and Mike Boogy! I have to say that they continue to be my two favorite houseguests through all the seasons!

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  68. I have to say, I agree with you on that one. I’m not sure anyone is to blame for my leaving the Church either. Although, I’d like to blame those adults in my world that didn’t engage me enough to make it matter, but that’s probably not right. Also, I think I probably drifted away because of doctrinal issues not the bad witness of people…not wanting to follow the Church’s sexual morality and the demands of the gospel were more likely the culprit.

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