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Many envision their dream home, but know not the road that leads there. Perhaps a remodel is all that is required; a new kitchen layout, a bathroom with extra amenities, a family room, or a new patio design.

Others may wish to remodel or upgrade their business structure, visualizing transformational qualities that will welcome customers with the impact of a warm embrace. Such investments can be the difference between surviving… and thriving.

While contemplating such endeavors can be intimidating, never fear: we can help.

At Cutting Edge Construction Today, LLC (CEC), we possess the ability, willingness and desire to truly listen to your aspirations. With a creative eye and imaginative spirit, one begins to see that virtually anything is possible. Thus, the first step toward transferring your dreams into reality begins.

Your perception of a construction company or home builders will forever change with us; we know that for you, it’s not simply a house- it’s your home. Taking that extra step, and making that extra effort is an integral part of our approach: you can count on us to be there for you. Our founder Doug Terrel has lived by this credo over his several decades of experience, and has instilled it within everything we do.

And- while the latest trend among companies is to “go green” in promoting sustainable development, we have been environmentally friendly from day one. We firmly believe that making a better tomorrow starts with responsible and conscientious practices today.

Please visit our testimonials page.

“Two and one half years ago my wife and I moved into a house designed and built by Cutting Edge Const. (Doug Terrel). We fell in love with the property at first sight, and daily love it more and more. The design and features leave for room for improvementRead More!
Thomas J. Egan, M.D.