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About Us

As an owner / operator for 38 years in the construction industry, Doug Terrel founded Cutting Edge Construction Today, LLC (CEC) in 1992. From its inception, CEC has been a full-phase leader in the construction industry, offering its clientele a distinct advantage. When you choose Cutting Edge, you get a great team of professionals who have a passion for taking your ideas and bringing them to life!

One thing that distinguishes CEC from other construction companies is that they rarely subcontract. This maintains consistency, provides full accountability, and ensures CEC’s level of excellence. From creative design to the final coat of paint, CEC provides a highly efficient, effective and customer-driven operation, exhibiting pride in craftsmanship with every project. As founder Doug Terrel points out, “we are a construction company that delivers a breadth of talent: visionaries, craftsmen, innovators, artists, homeowners… real people (just like you). We’re focused on details that bring out the warmth and uniqueness of your vision.”

CEC has completed over 400 projects, from bathroom and kitchen remodels, to deck building and remodels, complete home remodeling to custom built new homes. CEC also specializes in commercial projects, including offices, boutiques and restaurants.

And, Cutting Edge Construction Today is more than just a name: it’s a mission statement. While many construction firms and remodelers are just now learning of –and beginning to use- ‘green’ materials in their construction, CEC was ‘green’ long before it became fashionable. As Doug Terrel observed, “We were remodeling ‘green’ long before we heard that term. We believe in our future, your future, and in the future generations to come. Therefore, we will continue to implement green technology and materials in every possible project.” The knowledge, engineering and experience required to practice effective sustainability, maximize efficiency, and reduce waste in your construction project is available at CEC. We look forward to discussing your next project with you!