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  1. f0Thank you for a realistic description of just how much work it takes to achieve success. And well done for all the the things you have achieved in just one year! May the second year be even better!

  2. Thank you to Irina Shytova! She translated Vera’s recitation at the beginning of this video. Here it is!(Woman) Intro: Let’s see what happened with the little monkey…(Vera): One young little monkey has been bored all dayMaybe I should get the scissors and adjust this dress today?For the hostess it’s too tight, for her daughter it’s not rightLet me cut it off right now, so it will fit me real nice, and how!Maybe I’ll go to the movies in it, O’WOW!

  3. Thanks!After sketching a figure on paper I use Google Sketchup to establish a point of view that works, then I move into AutoCAD to do the linework, and lastly I add colors in Illustrator.I do have some issues with Illustrator, like how it seems impossible to control your gradients in a sensible way, but I haven’t really found anything that works as well when filling imported lines. Previously I used Flash, as I had a lot of experience with it, but I eventually noticed that it wasn’t accurate enough. I would really like to have gradients work in Illustrator as they do in Flash.Thank you for linking back to me!

  4. Very true. I love my pastor because he is NOT afraid to speak on this topic. He wants the congregation to be very clear about what Love is, why God created marriage, and why God ordained sexual relations within marriage (and not outside of marriage). The Word is very clear about this topic. If God created it, and the Bible teaches about it, then there should not be any shame in discussing it. Either we teach it, or, we tacitly approve the teachings of the world.

  5. Buras troszkÄ™ jakby przesadza. Nie znam ludzi, którzy majÄ… jednoznacznie pozytywnÄ… opiniÄ™ o panu Jerzym Ignacu. Znam wielu, którzy majÄ… jednoznacznie negatywnÄ… przez każdy pryzmat. Promowanie zdrowego stylu życia to może masaż kopany albo coÅ› ma wspólnego z koniem. W każdym razie spoÅ‚eczeÅ„stwo, w którym delikwent ma dobrÄ… opiniÄ™, to pewnie na palcach jednego czÅ‚owieka można policzyć. Reszta to pewnie hoÅ‚ota. Ten tekst to jakiÅ› żart, którego w ogóle nie rozumiem.

  6. SIC,My dislike of the owner of this site is not limited to things written on this version of the site. On the other 2 previous versions of this site many things were said by the site owner that were false, wicked and vicious.He drew the line in the sand and he decided to cross it.

  7. 92 and 96. Makes for .I was more worried by this @81…Anyway, history shows there are no real long-term consequences when a sovereign nation defaults on its debt…Interest rates rise in the short term but within a decade everyone is lining up to lend again.Well, yes, but…that ‘within a decade’ hides a multitude of sins…for example ‘within a decade’ is plenty of time to have hyperinflation, a global depression, or regional/global conflagration…

  8. Henri, Ondanks dat ik ruim 80 schermen kon te voorschijn toveren (met allerhande instellingen) ben ik de door jou genoemde functie niet tegengekomen. Echter volgens de handleiding zou deze wel aanwezig moeten zijn.Indien een omweg nodig is dient men via “start” > “Route” > “vermijdingen” een omweg in te geven. Hierbij moet een deel van de lijst geselecteerd worden.

  9. Personally I attend one or two boat shows a year. For me, the key issue is show CONTENT not quantity. Researching for a new boat requires stepping on board and assessing storage, nav station layout and fit/feel of everything from head to cockpit.. none of which can be done via the internet.The internet certainly does displace coming to boat shows to see the smaller stands such as parts suppliers though.regards

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  11. Note the ease with which it sidesteps the brutal euthanasia brought about by the failed socialization of healthcare.By all means, let’s all put this brand of unfeeling sociopathic utopiate in charge of caring for the sick instead of our doctors.

  12. hehe…People think she is Vietnamese by the last name Doan but she is actually Caucasian. She got tasered by the police and was admitted to Fountain Valley hospital. She’s in serious condition though but too bad that what she deserves for not listening to the police in the first place.

  13. oh my god, this is all wonderful and now i am laughing and crying seeing that photo of eric here! hee hee! eric alder, just lying around waiting for something.anyway. ahem. love this and my only objection is that i do not believe anyone would ever use the word sycophantic in a conversation. in writing, sure. out loud? no way!

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  15. Droga Oriano .. oytwieraj szerzej oczy, nie uda ..Nie beda Ci wowczas potrzebne fundowane przez rzad aborcje, srodki antykoncepcyjne i pigulki „dzien po …”..Wszystkie biale Panie ktore twierdza ze Obama ma duzy „rozum” tak po cichu mysla ze ma duze cos innego ..A tak czy owak z tego nie skorzystaja bo ma swoja Michele i w przeciwienstwie do takiego Clintona trzyma to co trzeba tam gdzie trzeba .. w zapietym rozporku ..Slowem, zadna z jego „rozumu” dla Ciebie Oriano uciecha ..

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  18. O poeta português Miguel Torga diz algo que considero paradigmático: “o universal é o local sem paredes”. Se nós substituirmos “universal” por “global”, ainda fica melhor. O global é o local sem paredes neste momento e, portanto, é muito importante que se considere que o local deixou de ser exclusivamente local.

  19. positive things about Paul Kagame, who has received ."If this strikes you as an incentive for signing up with the axis of evil, you're not exactly wrong"On the downside, there is the possibility of being fished out of a spider-hole and hanged. But that's what you get for NOT having WMDs.I'm surprised no mention was made of .I think true neutrality might entail saying nothing other than "pass the popcorn".Daniel Larison displayed a surprisingly positive attitude towards events in Tunisa, but on he beseeches democratists in the bowels of Christ that it is they who be mistaken.

  20. நீங்க்ள் ஐ.எஸ்.ஐ கு எப்ப்டிவேனா முஸ்லிம் ஆதரவு கொடுங்க! ஆனா உங்களால் இந்தமாதிரி வெளீபடையாக ஒரு எதிரி நாட்டு உளவு தீவிரவாத அமைப்புக்கு ஆதராவக பேச முடிவது இந்தியாவில் மட்டும்தான் முடியும் ! இந்தியா இதுபோல் எவ்வளவொ துரொகங்க்ளை பார்த்திருக்கிறது! உங்கள மாதிரி அறிவு ஜீவிகள் எங்கள மாதிரி ஆளுங்களுக்கு கண்னை அடிக்கடி திறந்து வைங்யுங்கன்னே திறந்து வையுங்க

  21. Oj oj oj fara Ã¥ färde! Undrar om jag skulle lÃ¥sa in mina i kassaskÃ¥pet! Kanske hundarna kan vakta dem men de är jakthundar och inte vakthundar! Kanske Kitty finns pÃ¥ Hitta.se och du kan ringa….. ett klart mysterium är det!

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  23. Something tells me she already knows about all of this and is in the process of leaving if he’s being so public about all of it. It’s not like he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s cheating on her. Although, he’s an idiot for at least not keeping it quiet because this’ll come back to bite him in the ass during divorce proceedings. What an idiot.

  24. rute,ola td bem? vi seu depoimento…nao sei o que ocorreu mas a loreal nao costuma detonar cabelo nenhum o que pode ter ocorrido é que seu cabelo nao estava pronto praa receber esta quimica! ou a aplicacao nao ter sido como deveria ou o produto nao ter sido realmente este enfim varias possibilidades! vc teria que me contar passo a passo a historia do seu cabelo paraque pudessemos ver o que aconteceu!bjosps independente de qqer coisa o salo tem sim susas responsabilidades!

  25. Fabulously important post.I was one to never express anger. Rather than be able to acknowledge I was angry about something, I would say I was annoyed, maybe even highly annoyed. But that didn’t give me permission to fully “feel” the emotion and then allow it to disperse naturally.Thankfully now, I am able to experience a full range of emotions among that spectrum between the poles.

  26. Je suis d’accord avec votre article. Tout cela est parfaitement planifié. Mais vous avez raison de préciser que les milliards sont essentiellement des cadeaux pour les entreprises du Cac 40. Combien de petits entrepreneurs français, artisans, sont écrasés de charges et n’arrivent juste plus à vivre de leur travail. C’est aussi une réalité. –

  27. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who had been doing a little research on this. And he actually bought me breakfast simply because I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this issue here on your blog.

  28. StrangeOne – OK, I see there can be/are some problems with the EPA as it is. You could say that about… well, any government or private agency really. But:1 – Is doing away with it entirely with no replacement really the best idea? Large businesses that pollute are going to fear smaller, less-powerful entities and somehow behave even just as well as they do now?2 – Why is Patrick acting like this actual point of contention is never reported in the article?

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  30. , it reminds me the most of the religion’s origins. Oh and I got sealed there. Is it a common trend to like the temple a person got sealed in better than all the other temples? (and which modern misrepresentations are you talking about Nick?)2. 2 that I can recall with certainty.3. One in person if we’re counting the ground breaking ceremony. One via satellite if we’re not.4. I’ve walked past a North Carolina temple once…So maybe 3 or 4 if we’re counting drive-bys.

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  33. That should say pro-Chavez protestors, not officials.BTW, it sure is interesting what you find when you look at actual statistics, instead of nonsense estimates from right-wing ideologues. The death rate in China under Mao actually dropped dramatically…. even during the time that he was supposedly starving millions of people to death.Did you ever think to ask yourself why Mao is loved across China to this day? Is it because he killed millions of people? Or because he made life better for them? Hmmmmm….

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  35. Hill curried a lot of favor with the Hurleys when RU played [and lost to] St. Peter’s at the refurbished Jersey City Armory last November. The Armory is run by the Jersey City Recreation Department. Guess who is in charge of the Rec Dept.? Bob Hurley.SHU had a chance to play that ‘re-opening’ game but hemmed and hawed and ultimately decided not to play St. Peter’s there until the 08-09 season.

  36. valley, I’ll tell you how “wealth” moved around my home as a child.My older brother use to beat the crap out of me. So, when he wasn’t around I would go into his room where he kept a tin mug full of spare change. I would figure what the beating was worth and pull a few coins from his cup to cover my suffering. Never took too much so he wouldn’t miss it.I’d buy candy with the coins and by the time I started chewing I was very peaceful and the pain had subsided.

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  38. great read but sad too ….many locations have changed beyond belief natural landmarks such as huge oak trees sacrificed for the sake of ” advancement ” and meeting commercial needs …so sad ! thank you for this thought provoking piece and hosting tonights poetics x

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  54. TO EVERYONE QUESTIONING IF THIS PHOTO IS REAL–If you remember from reading earlier reports, the cops took pics of her face to document the beating when they arrived on scene… It explains why her eyes were closed and why the pics are so close to her face; thats the way they do it. So even if she doesn’t press charges they still have it on record.

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  67. wow i feel bad for Emma.That is so wrong what pat did.it makes me so angry to see people getting bullied or picked on or…..you know what i mean.But if i see a kid getting piked on or bullied.i would step in and say “HEY leave the kid alone!!”oops. Lost control there for a sec.haha!silly me.BUT still what pat did is still wrong

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  71. Great resource in one bundle – I have used the series successfully for many different topics and the kids just love it! They ended up finding all of the matching books each time and we shared those as a class too. A really cool series. Look forward to reading about how your class use this and what you do with them.

  72. I like that they've gotten rid of the kssshhhh noise from the background of the tracks though I don't really like the slower pace of Small Town Bells, and that is one of my favourites. It's only four minutes but it "takes a while" to listen to. Left Me High is better overall but the end isn't as strong as the original. Into My Mind is the best of the three. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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  79. no need to have felt nervous, you did great! i love your sincerity and honesty and totally agree that we ought to pray for and encourage each other! you have inspired me to perhaps do a vlog too on my blog thanks girl! hope the situation is way better now.

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  137. Even I can poke holes in that. I did enjoy the bit about people expressing their hatred by donating to charity. If thats the True and un-abashed form of hatred, perhaps people should express their hate a bit more.A quick question which i’m sure will be answered in a future post anyway, but feel i should ask. While its perfectly obvious that Mr Inman doesnt fall under the statue, why doesnt indiegogo? or they have all the registrations they need anyway?

  138. I love that you posted a stylized art-edit photo. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen you use a filter like that in your photography. These are beautifully shot because you are talented like that … and Rachel looks absolutely exquisite … a perfect combination for incredible results. I hope she falls in love with the her beauty that you captured. <3

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