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  1. Jacques sonne,un « inédit » ?… Sûrement pas !Mais vous savez… la Reine de la nuit, Passion Play, l’ouverture de Tannhäuser, Stormbringer, la Toccata en ré, Locomotive Breath, (j’en passe et de meilleurs!) ne sont pas NON PLUS des inédits !Mais ça fait du bien de temps en temps de les RE-découvrir…Pierre Henri

  2. Concordo com o colega Dias, o pessoal de apoio e administrativo tem que participar mais das assembleias,como sempre a maioria não comparece e só fica reclamando, Só se vence, só se conquista com muita luta e não esperar que os outros façam por nós. Se queremos ser valorizados vamos nos valorizar primeiro.

  3. I was introduced to your work through Chris Horner. He spoke to me of your dynamic aeration design, based upon the geometric pumping action of the heart. I can see that you are an astute student of design and biomimicry, bringing together exoteric and hidden elements that can be most efficient, elegant, and with a level of biological insight and integrity that begs for applications. I may have some. Look forward to meeting with you

  4. sas: “we aren’t in a recession (yet) if we just look & speak in terms of the real economy.” People in this blog (which is supposed to be doom and gloom blog) have recently been busy debating LCD TVs and wine. That may be the sign of Great Depression in some circles, but once the debate here is focused on survival and getting food, I’ll agree we are in deep recession.

  5. beside a little box… you then 2 votes.that’s not true! i’ve voted way more than 2 times!so then i went back to see what would happen if i votedagain. of course couldn’t . . . which i figured.but i sure hope it’s counting right.i’m sorry… but i think some of those contenders are putting in a list of their entire customer base! lol.oh martha. not saying it’s rigged. but i did vote muchmore than 2 times martha!!!

  6. Just joined the rat pack here in Tucson. New at this forum stuff. First joined RAT in 1996 in England – yep I’m a Brit. Will keep and eye on upcoming events.BTW-I would like to get my hands on the club badge so I can add to my ’96 one.My ride is a 1995 Sprint that I shipped with me from the UK.

  7. badside, I do read comments, all the time — just not as fast as folks would probably like ;) Let me know if you continue to have this problem — I cannot seem to replicate it. Anyone else with this problem, let me know as well – thanks!LeaLu, this seller isn't the only one — but it just was the latest one I found and it drove me nuts ;)

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  9. Ilion:It’s not just “money”. It is lost time from her fleeting life. It is effectively incarceration without the loss of liberty. She will labor to make society whole again. The alternative, incarceration with the loss of liberty, would mean that she becomes an unnecessary burden on the taxpayer.

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  11. PS : Franck, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi.Pour moi, ce n’est pas de l’ouverture d’esprit que d’accepter cela, stoppons cet excès de laxisme néo-suixante-huitard, cette hypocrisie publique pour se faire bien voir, des gens qui ne respectent rien ne méritent pas notre respect.

  12. I’m glad you both commented: two of my favorite weddings, and both ones in which I was able to participate by reading Scripture! But I’m not biased or anything.I was recently at a wedding where they requested we not stand for the bride so as to avoid a bride-centered ceremony. I liked that; in fact, I had just been thinking about that myself, and it didn’t surprise me that Kara, my dear friend with whom I share much in common, had the same thought.

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  14. dat kan natuurlijk, maar de vraag is of/in hoeverre de (culturele, economische, institutionele, etc) omstandigheden zo anders zijn, dat bepaalde praktijken die in de VS populair zijn, hier geen voet aan de grond krijgen.In het boek gaan een aantal auteurs verder op die vraag in. Zij verzetten zich tegen het idee dat de Amerikaanse (nieuwe) mediacultuur vanzelf wereldwijd zal worden overgenomen, en gaan in hoe het nieuwe media gebruik in een hoogtechnologische samenleving als Japan op een hele andere manier vorm krijgt.

  15. Britannicus | le 13 septembre 2007 à 20:52: Les socialistes essayent de rendre la misère moins répandue, les communistes pensent éradiquer la misère en pénalisant les créateurs de richesse. Les capitalistes pur sucre sont plus adrénalisés par le pouvoir que par les gains et ont peu de temps de profiter de la vie.Les Français détestent l’argent des Autres, surtout ceux qui en ont plus.

  16. Also – What about links from Forums? I know many people think they have zero link weight whatsoever, but do you think so? Or is that dependent on the forum and how well the forum itself ranks?If they don’t have any juice, how come so many people are running around spamming forums all the time (not condoning this)? And many forums have put limits on when and how you get a signature link… There must be something to this, right?

  17. Dani,Stephen Gould (non vorrei mai confondermi, sono lontano dalla mia libreria, ho letto vari libri di divulgazione evoluzionistica) in un suo libro critica fortemente l'uso della linea filetica del cavalloStrano. Mi pareva che l'esempio fosse proposto proprio da lui.io ho semplicemente chiesto al mio interlocutore se sapeva perchè mai la sua macchina funzionasse, e da dove arrivasse la benzina.Niente male :-)

  18. These are great suggestions for nonprofits. There always needs to be a check and balance system in place so that no one person is ever completely in charge of the finances without being accountable to someone else, or having someone else to help count money and verify entries. Thanks for the suggestions!

  19. Hi Shaw, Your very welcome. The Ride’s purpose is so very important. I intend to promote and support the Music Therapy Foundation as much as I can. The Therapy is an ongoing project and needs continuous support. Music has helped me in my recovery. Everyday is an adventure ! Paul F.

  20. En fait, on se fiche qu’une blague soit de bon ou de mauvais goût, du moment qu’elle nous fait rire. D’ailleurs, l’humour noir peut-il être de « bon goût » ?Reste que la même blague, même de très mauvais goût, peut faire rire ou scandaliser la même personne, selon la communauté qu’elle vise, et c’est là que réside le paradoxe.Il est extrêmement périlleux de fixer des normes morales en matière d’humour, qui est par essence transgressif.

  21. Marge,I would recommend doing about 10 of them in a microwave sequentially or whatever your economic limit is and admitting you are doing each time to protest. If they charge you $25.00 a pop to replace them start a grass roots organization to get othesr to foot the bill for you standing up to the 'man'. To use the chiche'……. Freedom isn't really free.

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  26. de Murphy : j’avais d’abord baptisé le masque « YAB » (« You Are Breathing ») mais l’aspect « appareil respiratoire » disparaissait dans la dénomination et ces initiales sont trop communes maintenant.Le pape de l’écologie consensuelle et apolitique devra donc se mettre, lui aussi, au TUBA® !

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  28. HI,I am an egg plant grower too. I have tried hand pollinating my plant using a paint brush. I will like to ask if it is normal to not see any pollen on the paint brush after several brushing.Thank You.

  29. heard Solomon memtion a poll for Calgary that was 29-28, but he didn’t say which one. I can find no reference to such numbers, only different Forum polls. This is the same outfit showing the great numbers for Trudeau. There record at predicting recent elections is abysmal, so I wouldn’t put much stock in their numbers.Perhaps someone on the ground in Alta has some information as to what Solomon was referring to.

  30. 36cdbМмм, как си го нагласила, супер се е получило! Чантата е прекрасна, поздравления за новата придобивка :)d7

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  32. Salut ! Je suis de Rennes Villejean, j’ai 24 ans et très intéressé par ta proposition, une jolie femme comme toi qui veux s’amuser sans se prendre la tête, ça se refuse pas ! Contatcte moi, je me ferais un plaisir de te répondre

  33. Oiii Paulinha! Parabéns mais uma vez! Nem preciso dizer que o post foi MARAVILHOSO, os comments falam por si.É muito bom conhecer um pouco mais das blogueiras que me inspiram no dia a dia, e ter certeza do carater dela!Estou doidinha pra montar um blog, já tenho posts prontos e tudo mais, mas sou meio burrinha com a internet e um amigo vai me ajudar, esse texto vai ficar guardado pra eu dar uma olhadinha SEMPRE e não desistir NUNCA!!!Tks for all!Beijão, Manu Maria

  34. Hello YvonneYou have taken the elements from Linda's Tag and made a gorgeous card, what I particularly like is the vibrant Red. The reindeer look fantastic. Gosh if you had held this post one more day you could have put it into 'Our Creative Corner's Silhouette Challenge'.You could make another!!!!Smiles:)Sue

  35. Indeed. I was very impressed with the Mett last night, LSU definitely played a better, well-rounded game than I thought they were capable of. I don’t like Miles, but I will admit that’s because he coaches LSU – I certainly respect him and the work he has done there. Hopefully Miles helped Bama to see what their faults are (much like last year). ROLL TIDE!

  36. Yes.I should have been more clear to say that the last line of your excellent post muddies the clarity of the first paragraph in that regard.While the intent of the line is a general admonition to buy and nominate in the future (something people like Cheryl Morgan would be grateful to you for helping to promote), it doesn't make it ironclad clear that's what you meant. I took it to mean you were contradicting yourself from paragraph one. I made a mistake.

  37. Pour revenir sur ta remarque de paroles venant de la part d'une ado, ma sÅ“ur a 9 ans de plus que moi, elle avait donc 22 ou 23 ans à l'époque… Elle en a plus de 30 maintenant et n'a pas changé d'avis.Mais malheureusement je remarque juste au quotidien que bon nombre de femmes font tout pour ne pas avoir cette égalité, et c'est ce qui me désole le plus.

  38. ‘Moreover, during this time under the bridal veil, she connects with the souls of her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, forward to the time when messianic consciousness will change our perspective of reality.’‘God Is A Verb – Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism’It’s the only book at work that’s not a magazine.And I must note, I bought this book back in ’98 – way before Madonna and celebs even knew what Kabbalah was about.

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  40. Oh! I forgot to reply to yr Bishop Allen comment…they seem to be one of those bands where people either love them or hate them. But I understand not liking a band because they're associated with an ex. My ex and I had almost the exact same music taste, though, so if I played by that rule, I wouldn't be able to listen to Pavement, Wire, Delta 5, Le Tigre, etc. etc.

  41. Wat een mooie kat. We hebben hier al vijf jaar een zwerfkatje dat bij ons komt, ze komt niet binnen maar ondertussen heeft ze wel haar mandje en krijgt ze eten en het beestje wil hier niet meer weg, ik zou ze zelfs niet meer kunnen missen.lieve groetjes!!

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  43. en accord aussi, et effarée par ce que j’ai lu dans les premières parties de cet article. Comment osent ils en effet ? Quelle dérive touche ces praticiens qui ne considèrent les patients que comme de la viande ignorante et leur devant une docilité totale ?

  44. je me verrai bien bercer mes futurs petits enfants dans le rocking chair de Voido de Ron Arad pour Magis à l’ombre d’un olivier et je ne serais pas étonnée qu’il leur serve de balançoire, de toboggan, etc lorsqu’ils grandiront…Très bonne idée cette suggestion ! MerciContinuez de nous donner des idées…

  45. Oh boy, great features this week, but 'ya know I always have to pick a favorite. I'm gonna have to pick the umbrella because just this week I was thinking how can I keep some branches fresh on the door. Problem solved.~Bliss~

  46. Kathleen – Christopher David,Thank you so much for the compliment! We got ready at my parents’ house, where I grew up & I guess Todd found the monster in my room, which was always chock full of random things…

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  51. Sagen wir “rauscharm” – nicht “rauschfrei” …Es freut mich, dass dann letztendlich mein Artikel und die Diskussion dich in deinem Standpunkt vorangebracht hat. Kann gut sein, dass es so kommt: Vollformat wird für die (Halb-)Profis und Besessenen etwas sein (bzw. bleiben, denn das ist ja jetzt schon so), alle anderen nehmen eben kleinere Sensoren. Warum auch nicht … Beide werden in den nächsten Jahren immer besser werden.

  52. I do hope that you have the opportunity to learn and share as much as you can.As I have told my progeny, it is always better to have more information from which to learn rather than not enough (and therefore prone to the mistakes others have already made). While I do sympathize and understand the desire not to share those experiences from the past, I also feel that they should be shared if for no other reason than to prevent others from the same experiences.

  53. Surpris de voir deux réactions si virulentes au post de Lib qui ne semble pas d’ailleurs rejeter l’idée de payer des impôts. Il explique juste qu’à son avis, la limite entre le raisonnable et l’excessif est dépassée.Ce que semble aussi penser des entrepreneurs de gauche Il ne me parait pas illégitime de revendiquer récupérer une partie de la valeur que l’on crée, tout impôts payés, sans que cela ne se réduise à une portion congrue. Dans le cas contraire, pourquoi le faire?

  54. I apologize 2GM. This time I will take my time and edit my post for errors. I have no problem with caps lock – my point is that caps lock is not a substitute for saying something clever. Just because you say it loud, doesn’t mean it’s funny.As for your 2-year old, she apparently “speak lot” better than you too. I can only assume you feel the need to defend the Hate Corner because your child loves looking at the funny pictures. I believe that 2 year olds fall squarely in the demographic that finds this shit entertaining.

  55. As soon as I initially commented I clicked on the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and currently every time a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment.

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  59. Looks like a splendid wedding done with perfection. Congrats to the bride, the groom, and especially to the father of the bride. Great, great stuff! Allan and Sue Marquart

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  61. 7:02 pm, September 19, 2012|Joe-Banger, in all due respect your “Cgi takes work away from people who need work” is hilarious. if zombie films weren’t tired and lame nowadays then i would agree w/ you. and yes the new RE:DAMNATION (i’ve watched it) is very good!

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  64. Tiens tiens, je lis en toi… tu fais quelle taille de treillis toi? Tu sais que ses fans ultra te tueront si tu le critiques. Tu es un ennemi de la première heure mais je suis prêt à te donner une seconde chance petit Padawan? Même si notre mouvement t’exaspère!

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  66. MB,That’s why the Saudis depend upon foreign mercenaries and contractors. I don’t believe anyone would imagine they would fight their own war; that is why they subcontract them out to us.The fact is, there is no one in the region they would have to anticipate fighting, as they would just buy them off.I cannot stand the lie that we are arming them to fight the Iranians, when in fact they are in bed with the Iranians.–Jim

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  72. “Gotta take baby steps in the right direction.”Having a D pres w/ a D congress is not a step in the right direction if your concern is the growth of government (think NJ on the national scale). It is the recipe for financial diaster. Think back to the years of W and an R congress, with The One we are going to get that type of nonsense times 4. Divided government is our only hope.

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  78. I’m fairly new to this type of work but loving it so far, and I’ve never said that about a job before in my life!I don’t miss the overheated office, the bitchiness, the politics, the idiots who call themselves managers and having to tell lies when I urgently need to be at the vet’s (no kids – just a couple of old cats).The only drawback I can see at the moment is I used to walk to and from work and I’ve gained a few pounds from lack of exercise… time to borrow a dog, I think.

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  109. Too true! I was incredibly surprised at how quickly everyone turned blind when this news hit the web. I had people complaining that mentioning the illegal wars is “being buzzkill” or that explaining how destructive these wars have been was “ruining the moment.” or being downright hateful when I remind them of the erosion of our civil liberties. Apparently, so many people just simply want something to be happy about, even if its a lie. And anyone who thinks critically or points it out, is kicked out of the club and labeled a “party pooper.”

  110. … I am glad that idiot from Oregon got cut from the team. Regardless of what he claims his motivation was, he acted like a little girl both when he threw the sucker punch and then afterwards when he had to be restrained! He was actually hysterical! 9:15 PMYou are SO right, Malik..actions have consequenses. Our children need to learn this simple fact, before they act.

  111. I can understand why you only gave it a 7 out of 10: You didn’t like the sim portion of the game. And I can understand why you didn’t like the sim portion of the game: Because you suck at it. I can say this because I saw the way you completely missed raining on a dry crop even after the game highlighted the portion of land where the cloud would actually go at 5:35. It would be a fair judgement if the game were too hard, but I had no problem beating it WHEN I WAS 12. You’re an adult and you suck.

  112. I am in that same situation…if only I could talk to myself 10 years ago!!! But I can't so I have to fix it now and I think that you're doing the right thing by “changing your mind”. I think that God will bless that and while He may not supernaturally pay off your debt, He will bless you!!!

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  125. NeoRepublica, you nailed it. Education was always among the first institutions co-opted by any communist revolution. They change curriculum, activities, requirements, what ever it takes to create generations of compliant masses.You comment is among the reasons that I say that education should be one of our top priorities. We have to first get the federal government out of it. Then, concerned people need to get on local school boards, as well as take control of the state bureaucracies. If we lose the kids, we might as well hang it up. The left knows this, how many on our side do?

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  129. Personally not really digging the new format. The page takes forever to load and I can’t just click thru all the LOLs anymore. I used to come here everyday and just click thru everything until I got to the ones I had seen the day before, now I only see random ones that show up in my FB News Feed. I know I’m missing plenty because I don’t want to scroll past 100 comments to finally make it to the links at the bottom of the page. Lazy? perhaps.

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  133. Oh, I’m not really beating myself up. But I do hate the idea of having unwritten reviews. You’re right, though. There are definitely times when sitting at the computer isn’t the best thing to do. As Stephen King wrote this past week in Entertainment Weekly, I’m not going to look back on my life and wish I’d spent more time at the computer.

  134. Western media are enemy number one, make no mistake about it.Thank you to Takuan Seiyo for the post. I love your writing, and I agree with your basic conclusion: We are heading for a huge crash in the entire Western world. It’s coming and it cannot be stopped. Not anymore. Our job is to survive the crash and preserve something which our descendants can use to build the third generation of European civilization.

  135. How right you are Max. Thanks for your thoughts – I really like your phrase “heartbased living” so I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it and use it too Remembering that living this way is a practice is helpful when things aren’t going so well.

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  145. comentou em 15 de dezembro de 2010 às 14:12. Coque nessa região mais baixa da cabeça reforça o temperamento melancólico/fleumático.Pra quem é sangüíneo ou colérico, como é o caso da Julia Petit, não é o ideal, mesmo sendo esteticamente bonito. A menos que queira fazer cena de boa moça de família dos anos 20, comportada, recatada, discreta… Mas pode passar uma imagem falsa, oq é bem ruim.

  146. Every flower fades. It is part of the cycle of things.Nah. It all depends on us as citizens. If we stand up for what's Right and stop what's Wrong, civilized society can continue with no end in sight. We may have to consume less, though.You say 'Socialized America will fail' – fail from who's point of view?I guess those citizens who look forward to socialism to fix their lives, provide them with wealth and security? Much like the Soviet Union failed, also in the field of environment protection. Baron?

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